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A house being plagued by pests can be very distressing indeed to homeowners. Pests can come in many varieties, although the most common pests are insects and small critters, if left to their own devices, they can cause the largest amount of property damage. Pests can contaminate food and harbor illnesses, which is why eliminating them is the only viable option. To get know more of Murphy Pest Control company just go to the about page.

Murphy Pest Control are efficient and helpful.

Murphy Pest Control have provided a friendly, reliable service over the past few years. We have always found them to be efficient and helpful. Routine inspections are always carried out in good time and written reports are completed in detail.
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So, when you find your house ridden with ants, ticks, lice, mice, rats, and sundry other pests you may have to get help from Murphy Pest Control and free yourself of pest problems. Every kind of pest has its own method of controlling them, and here are some sure fire methods of getting rid of the most common pests that infest a home:

If you’re having trouble with ants or roaches, one great means of eliminating them that doesn’t involve the use of extremely dangerous chemicals is to use boric acid. Pouring boric acid in their hideaways, if you can find them, or smearing some on their common trail-places will kill the pests easily. Essential oils of rosemary and lemongrass are also very helpful in deterring ants and roaches from places where you store foodstuffs. Applying a thin coating of essential oil to those places will help deter any pests from attempting to encroach in those areas.

Natural pest control for mosquitoes and other flying pests come in the form of essence of citronella. Usually made into candles or sold as vaporizing oils, they help deter and even kill mosquitoes and other flying insects without the unwanted dangers of aerosol sprays. Ticks and lice can be killed effectively with the use of very hot steam. In fact, steam treatment is one of the best organic methods to rid your house of ticks, lice, and their ilk. But what about termites? So there is a Murphy Pest Control specializing in termite control!

Rats are deterred by essential oils of clove, mint, and sage. When used in combination and placed near places where they gather or hide, it is usually enough to deter them and send them packing, especially if you do not prefer the use of poisons or traps in dealing with rats. But with some other rodents you may have to call Murphy’s pest control professionals to tackle an infestation.

When making attempts at eradicating unwanted pests from your home, first consider seeking of professional help. Of course, depending on the severity of your pest problems, professional help from a pest service may be required. Contact Murphy Pest Control and you will receive the best help with your pest problems. Maintaining a clean house, and ensuring that pests cannot have access to anything that they can consume is usually all that is necessary to keep pest infestations at bay.

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